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In August, the Vitality Institute announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania– known for its leadership in applying behavioral economics approaches to improve health behavior modification rates to reduce chronic disease.

The strategic alliance is tasked with developing and testing innovative solutions to improve health and health behaviors. Governed by a small committee representing Vitality and the University, the first areas of focus are weight loss, smoking cessation, and medication adherence.

The Vitality Institute also convened its first Commission Forum at The New York Academy of Sciences on September 19. The Forum examined the latest technologies and innovations to reduce risk associated with chronic disease as a result of poor diet, inactivity, tobacco use, poor adherence to medicationsa and stress.

Led by newly appointed Commission Chair William B. Rosenzweig, managing partner at Physic Ventures, LP, the Forum comprised prominent thinkers in health, government and business. To join the conversation online, follow the Vitality Institute @VitalityInst.


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