New features, more interaction and Spanish portal enhance Vitality members’ online experience


At Vitality we’re always working on new ways to help our members improve their health and well-being. With that goal in mind, we recently updated our member website at with more engaging and interactive features.

The key elements of the personalized Vitality member experience – including instant feedback about their current health status and receiving recommended activities and goals that improve their health , online education and more  – has been translated into universal Spanish.  For some program features, members will be able to choose to toggle between the Spanish and English interfaces.

The Physical Activity Review is our latest interactive assessment that gives members immediate feedback including recommendations, encouragement, and motivation to get more active- as well as comprehensive information on how to earn Vitality Points for exercise.

Our proprietary motivation tool, Vitality Age is now presented to members with a thorough description of what exactly it represents, how it is calculated and what it is intended to do. In addition, we request that members share their personal feelings about their Vitality Age so that we can address any questions they may have and use their feedback to guide future enhancements.

The number of categories and health-related articles has substantially increased in our online learning center. Members will have a vast selection of authoritative articles and reports to read and study on subjects in which they are interested. Vitality will also direct members to the interactive decision aids in our online learning center where they can select from a much wider range of topics that better align with their specific health and lifestyle.

Last, but not least, members are being guided on an enhanced Personal Pathway where they can review their health results, and get started on Vitality.  Dynamic tools explain the fundamental elements of the program with more valuable information, touch points and resources including Vitality GoalsTM, Vitality PointsTM, Vitality Status® and their employer-sponsored incentive structures.

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