Mind Matters May: Vitality’s Mental Health Campaign

By Megan Diglia
Mental Health Awareness Month

The importance of caring for our mental health can’t be overstated. As the Director of People for Vitality, and as someone who has struggled with mental health, prioritizing mental health awareness in our workplace is a top priority for me. An ideal work environment is not just about meeting deadlines and celebrating successes, it’s about having empathy and fostering a culture where everyone feels supported and valued, both professionally and personally.

As a company that focuses on wellbeing and care, we believe mental health is just as important as physical health. It can influence our thoughts, feelings and actions, yet the stigma and misunderstanding often quiet those who are struggling. To break this stigma, Vitality is launching a mental health campaign for our employees this month to help facilitate their personal healing.

Here’s a snapshot of what we have planned.

To address stress management, we put together an employee toolkit to identify ways to better manage mental health, as well as a special toolkit to equip our leaders with strategies to proactively support our teams’ wellbeing. We’ll also be trading in Vitality pink for green this month to raise awareness for mental health and will be decorating our office (and Teams backgrounds!) accordingly. Plus, we’re excited for our upcoming panel discussion, where Dr. Barbara Goshi, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, will provide valuable insights and resources on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and coping with stress effectively. Dr. Goshi will be joined by several Vitality employees who will be sharing their own mental wellbeing journeys.

Focusing on mindfulness and meditation, we’re thrilled to announce that as part of our new partnership Headspace is offering all Vitality Group US employees a free 12-month membership to Headspace Core. Headspace Core includes access to their content library with more than 1,000 hours of premium mindfulness content, guided meditations, wind-down exercises, focus music, sleep content and more. In addition, we’ll be offering our fan-favorite chair massages as a courtesy of our DE&I committee to provide a few minutes to rest and recharge during the workday.

Thinking about work-life balance, we’ve created a SharePoint page where employees are encouraged to share the ways they manage stress and work-life balance to help others learn new tips and coping strategies. Employees are also encouraged to complete relevant Power of Vitality focus areas, including “Social connectedness and belonging.” Finally, our Mental Health Awareness Month campaign will culminate in an onsite happy hour where employees can relax and socialize together.

We will also be focusing on building resilience through the launch of a peer support group. Employees are encouraged to share their experiences with mental health to bring awareness to the silent struggles so many of us face and to help break the stigma around talking about mental health at work. Additionally, we’ll be hosting a coffee chat with Danielle Freinkel, Head of People for Vitality Group, where she will present on how to build inner motivation.

We’re looking forward to Mind Matters May for a powerful month of learning and healing. Together, we can break down the barriers surrounding mental health and create a culture of understanding, empathy and support. Remember, it’s okay not to be okay, and seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. How are you prioritizing your mental health?

Megan Diglia, M.Ed, Director of People, has a master’s degree in Community Health Education, Human Health and Wellness from the University of Louisville. She is also a certified running coach and has completed 15 marathons. When she is not running after her two daughters and two Shiba Inus, she is running for pleasure!

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