Making Time for Yourself During a Busy Summer Season

By Christine Halpaus
Senior woman reading on beach making time during summer seasons - Vitality - Vitality

Summer can be such a fun season filled with outdoor activities, neighborhood parties, and vacations, but you may be feeling overwhelmed by all of the upcoming plans on your calendar!

Here are some ideas to consider to help make time for yourself during this busy season:

  • Be intentional. Do not wait for the right moment to pop up to take time for yourself. Consider blocking time on your schedule and hold that time sacred. It could be the same time every day or week, or you might need to adjust based on your schedule. The most important thing is that you identify that time and stick to it.
  • Utilize time when meetings end early or while you are waiting to pick up your children to take a breather. Identify those little pockets of time that are already in your schedule to maximize time for yourself.
  • Are you a morning person? Many of us tend to be awake earlier in the summer because the sun rises earlier. Use those few extra minutes each day to practice a meditation, read a book, or get your exercise in. This is a great time to do what you need to get mentally ready for the day.
  • Maybe you are a night owl. Since the sun also sets later in the day, consider utilizing dusk as a chance to re-balance and recharge while practicing a meditation or going for a walk.
  • Plan to get outside regularly. Utilize the resources you have in your community like nature trails or local parks to take a break and reset mentally. Depending on where you live, take the appropriate precautions to stay safe outdoors (water, sunscreen, appropriate clothing).
  • Stop mindless scrolling. Consider when scrolling on your phone helps you versus when you could use that time to recharge in ways that benefit you instead
  • When on vacation, plan quiet time or an activity that you know will help you rest or reset – with or without your kids!
  • If you have children, ask family or friends to watch them for a bit of time so you can do something on your own. Lean on your community!

The summer is busy for many of us, but we will always show up better for our friends and family when we take care of ourselves first. What will you do to make time for yourself this summer?

Christine Halpaus, a training specialist at Vitality, is a former K-6 educator. She earned her Masters in Teaching from George Mason University. Christine and her husband enjoy whatever time they can get outside whether kayaking in Lake Michigan, taking long walks in the sun or the snow with their three rescue dogs, enjoying the evening on a patio, or finding quiet in nature outside of Chicago.

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