Is 2015 the year of the wearable activity tracker?


Microsoft has just entered the wearable fitness space with Microsoft Band, a fitness band. Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, recently announced Apple was entering the wearables market with the Apple Watch— which tracks health and fitness data synching with Healthkit and will be available in 2015. Then Fitbit announced three new devices: the Charge— the “rebirth” of the Fitbit Force, the Charge HR— which is similar to the Charge, but also includes a heart rate monitor, and the Surge— more smartwatch than a standard activity tracker. The latter two will also not be available until 2015.

These recent announcements continue to support Vitality’s insight and research on this growing trend.

According to MobiHealthNews, 32 million wearable fitness devices were shipped in 2013, 42 million wearable fitness devices are expected to ship in 2014 and 57 million are projected to ship in 2015! Activity trackers generated an estimated $290 million in U.S. retail sales in 2013, according to NPD Group, and the market is expected to double this year.

Vitality has been involved since the beginning as one of the first wellness programs to integrate heart rate monitors and devices to track verified workouts. Today, pedometers like Fitbit, activity trackers, heart rate monitors and smartphone applications are all integrated into the Vitality program from more than 100 unique devices.

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