Investing in Prevention: A National Imperative – Our Pledges & Calls-to-Action

By Will Rosenzweig, Chair of the Commission

Yesterday, the Vitality Institute publicly released its Commission’s Report and Recommendations in New York City.  The Commission conducted a first-of-its kind, comprehensive review of existing chronic disease prevention research and programs, commissioned 11 original research papers, and debated the findings in private meetings and public forums. The result was a series of five actionable recommendations to build a culture of health that incentivizes and encourages working-age Americans to make healthier choices.

The Recommendations represent a way forward, based on pathways and short- medium- and long-term measures of success, reflecting thorough strategies for change. We invite you to join us in the work ahead and to begin we launched four key initiatives aimed at implementing the Commission’s Recommendations, outlined below.

We call on key public and private stakeholders to participate in the following collaborations:

1. Addressing the challenge of personal data

Drawing on Recommendation 1: “Invest in prevention science.”

Overview: We aim to broaden the scope of prevention science beyond traditional barriers, including novel data analysis, incorporation of the new concepts of behavioral economics, and involvement of allied professions. In collaboration with the Vitality Institute, the Institute of Medicine will convene a workshop on ethical, legal, and social issues with respect to the use of data collected by personal prevention technologies.

How to get involved: contact Gillian at vitalityinstitute(AT)


2. Improving evidence-based workplace training

Drawing on Recommendation 2: “Strengthen and expand leadership in prevention.”

Overview: The level of expertise in prevention science within the workplace needs to be enhanced. IBM, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Vitality Institute are working together to develop a Corporate Health Leaders Program – evidence-based workplace health promotion training courses for small, medium, and large employers.

How to get involved: contact Vera at vitalityinstitute(AT)


3. Strengthening leadership and advocacy through networks

Drawing on Recommendation 2: “Strengthen and expand leadership in prevention.”

Overview: Advocates of prevention in the public and private sectors need to be coordinated to develop coherent messages, and stronger leadership is needed to drive prevention. In collaboration with the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health and the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network, the Vitality Institute aims to strengthen leadership in prevention through intergenerational mentorship.

How to get involved: contact Elle at vitalityinstitute(AT)


4. Integrating Health Metrics Reporting into corporate reporting

Drawing on Recommendation 4: “Integrate Health Metrics Reporting into corporate reporting.”

Overview: To increase focus on the health of the workforce, companies should integrate standardized metrics on the health of their workforce into annual financial reports. The Vitality Institute has convened a working group of experts and businesses to work towards a vision of having health metrics as an integrated piece of reporting by 2020.

How to get involved: contact Katie at vitalityinstitute(AT)


We anticipate these pledges are just the beginning, and look forward to working with many of you in all kinds of ways in the months and years ahead.

Let’s get to work!


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