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By Erica Hohenadel
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“Feedback,” “user journey,” and “satisfaction” are terms you will hear when someone mentions Customer Experience. Here at Vitality, we take our member experience processes seriously. At Vitality, our core purpose is to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives. Therefore, we must understand the member to achieve those goals. Every member is different, and every member has different needs. We’ve worked hard to personalize our program to meet the needs of every individual.

As a data-driven organization, we measure everything. That’s why we’re constantly surveying our constituents. We live and breathe by our Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS measures customer experience and predicts business growth. While some companies shy away from publicly sharing their scores, we’re proud to announce that commitment to best-in-class member and client services has led to Vitality achieving an NPS of 60 in 2018.

Beyond providing a great customer experience, what does Vitality do with all the feedback we collect?

Educate our clients.

Every year, our clients receive a formal survey package with aggregated data on which they can focus as part of their engagement strategy. Whether it’s communication, engagement, educational opportunities or suggestions for employer events to promote wellness, Vitality will work with our clients to develop a program that will meet the needs of their demographics. In fact, 91% of our clients stated that Vitality has met the needs of all their different demographics. Our wellness strategy managers incorporate the results of our annual survey into the client’s engagement roadmap and will align goals with those of the client. This includes communication strategies, employer incentives and goals, and even team and departmental challenges. Our wellness strategy managers often share best practices that have worked for other employer groups that have success in their same industry.

Celebrate our members’ successes.

Often, we’re fortunate to have our members share their personal testimonials with their survey responses. They literally leave us crying, smiling and cheering them on. We love to hear how Vitality has changed the lives of so many.

My personal favorite testimony is one that I will always remember. My mother died far too young of lung cancer. Although I have never smoked, I understand how hard it is for people to quit. My father still smokes.

 “I have been an avid smoker for more than 30 years. It’s a terrible, dirty, nasty, expensive habit that I absolutely love. When I had my children, I stopped smoking throughout each pregnancy. It was hard, but being the product of a smoking mother, I was born a preemie and weighed 4 lbs. By the time I was having children, the risks of smoking while pregnant were well known. It was not something I wanted to do to my children. But I always went back to smoking after they were born. I loved it.

“Then, about 15 years ago, we did a major remodel on our house, and when we emptied the house, my walls were a dingy grey-yellow next to crisp white squares where all of our pictures hung. That was probably the first personal awareness moment I had, and probably the first time I began to accept the warnings about second-hand smoke. If the smoke could make the walls look like that, imagine what was it doing to my kids!

“The Vitality cotinine goal was probably the only stop-smoking activity I’ve ever engaged in that was successful for me. Ironically, the fact that it didn’t involve a support group of people moaning about how hard it was to quit, or facilitators pounding in the fact that smoking was bad, etc. is what made it successful for me. I know it’s hard. I know it’s bad. I know it’s expensive. What I needed were the tools to help me succeed.  I think the fact that it was a personal challenge, with measurable steps and milestones I could track, and supplemental information and motivation I could take on my own time and at my own pace in my own home is what made it work for me.”

Vivian is just one of the hundreds of success stories we’ve seen over the past few years.

Suggestions from members.

Vitality is constantly bending the status quo and pushing the barriers and enhancing the program year after year. We solicit feedback from members and clients. In each one of our surveys, we ask our members and clients which enhancements they would like to see added to the program. Vitality reads each comment and suggestion, and we integrate member requests and feedback from survey results to validate our new product and program features. For example, several years ago, we were expanding our mental well-being program into its current form: HealthyMind. At the time, seeing our members request points for activities like mediation confirmed our premise: health is about more than physical activity and nutrition. It helped us to evolve our program offering.

Summary of Statistics.

In 2018, we had more than 30,000 responses to our member surveys and more than 60 responses to our client surveys. We put together the following infographic for our clients to understand our key statistics:

We’ll continue to help employers improve the health and well-being of their employees and provide members with an outlet to share their experiences. For more information about the Vitality program, visit our website.


Erica is a Customer Insights Analyst at Vitality, and has a love of data analytics and data science. She has an English degree from the University of Iowa and loves to cheer on the Hawkeyes in every sport. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, reading and doing anything outdoors with her family.

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