How Vitality works


Vitality is a leading behavior change platform that uses the power of incentives, data and behavioral economics to make people healthier. We have successfully engaged more than 30 million people across 40 markets, and are proud to have partnered with leading insurers and the most forward-thinking employers around the world.

Successfully executing an integrated wellness solution requires engagement at every level. Here’s how Vitality uses a science-based approach to make it happen.

Vitality Points™️

Vitality is always on a mission to reward your efforts to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle. By participating in health-related activities that can be tracked and measured, you will earn Vitality Points. You can also earn points for important milestones, such as reaching a milestone number of workouts. Every Vitality Point you earn contributes to your Vitality Bucks and Vitality Status. In addition, as you begin a new program year, you receive 10% of the points you earned in the previous year as a bonus to get you started off the new year strong.

Vitality Status™️

Your Vitality Status is based on the number of Vitality Points that you earn. As your points accrue, you raise your Vitality Status. There are four Vitality Statuses: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher your status, the more exciting your rewards!

Vitality Active Rewards

Staying active is an important part of being healthy – that’s why Vitality wants to make working out fun and engaging through Vitality Active Rewards. Each week you will be given a new weekly points target, personalized to you, geared to motivate you to increase your physical activity on a daily basis. Complete Standard or Advanced workouts to earn points toward your target. Earn spins on the Vitality Wheel to earn prizes for meeting your workout target each week.

Vitality Health Review™️

The Vitality Health Review is an online questionnaire about your current health and lifestyle. Based on your answers, we calculate your Vitality Age and provide personalized recommendations for how best to engage in our program to maintain or improve your health.

Vitality Squares™️

Vitality Squares is an exciting game of chance! The game is played on a board with 15 squares. Each square hides either a healthy fruit or a junk food. The goal is to find as many fruit squares as you can – find the fruit, get the loot! You’ll be rewarded with Vitality Points and gift cards for playing. Your Vitality Status determines how many chances you have to find the fruit.

Vitality Wheel™️

By meeting your weekly Vitality Active Rewards workout target, you earn a spin on the Vitality Wheel. The Wheel is loaded with prizes, such as Vitality Points and gift cards to popular brands. Once you earn a spin, you have 30 days to use it. If you win a gift card on the wheel, you have the option to select a different gift card.

Vitality Check™️

A Vitality Check is a biometric assessment that helps identify which areas of your health are strongest and which may need some work, as well as your risk for any potential health problems like diabetes or heart disease. It includes physical measurements and a blood draw to determine one’s fasting blood glucose levels, blood pressure, total cholesterol and body mass index (BMI). Some Vitality Checks also include a cotinine test, which can allow you to earn additional Vitality Points if you are a non-smoker.

Personal Pathway™️

Forge your Personal Pathway™ toward a healthier life, a higher Vitality Status™️ and the benefits of both! Vitality Age™️ provides a health risk-related age based on lifestyle behaviors and clinical measures and helps you create a Personal Pathway based on your unique risk profile.

Vitality Bucks®

To help motivate long-term healthy lifestyle changes, Vitality rewards you with Vitality Points. For every point you earn, you also earn a Vitality Buck, which u can redeem for gift cards, fitness devices and more.

Vitality Age®

Vitality Age provides you with a health risk-related age based on lifestyle behaviors and clinical measures. It presents health risks as years “lost” or “gained” compared to your chronological age. You are presented with your Vitality Age after completing the Vitality Health Review. The evidence-based calculation was developed by our actuaries and clinical partners. They reviewed hundreds of peer-reviewed studies to understand which risk factors (such as too little physical activity) are most strongly associated with poor health, but also which ones are in your control and you can improve. It’s a great way to get the “big picture” of your health.

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