How Vitality protects your data privacy

By Lauren Chana and Lori Serradas

We know that many of you have been following the news around Facebook and may be wondering what Vitality does with your data.

Unlike profile information and content being shared on Facebook and other social media platforms, your health data is heavily regulated.

Here are the main ways we use your data at Vitality:

To create a rewarding, motivational and life-changing experience for you.  Just like Amazon has a list of recommendations for you, we use your profile and historical activity to present you with what we believe will catch your interest, recognize you or motivate you.  For example, each time you complete a points planner card, you get a Newsfeed post with a congratulatory message.

To provide aggregated reports back to your employer.  An aggregated report is one in which your data is combined with everyone else’s data and shown only in total.  For example, your employer may see that 60 percent of their employees recorded a workout last month.  Your personal data is never shared in these aggregate reports.

To allow your employer to administer special rewards.  In certain instances, your employer may offer a special reward or opportunity for your participation in Vitality.  To process this, we may share limited data with your employer and/or your employer’s coaching or disease management vendors only if you provide formal consent to allow this.  If you work for an employer that has requested data, you will have a consent settings page on  On this page, you will see what data is shared and be able to update these settings at any time.  Please note: Not all employers offer special rewards that require your protected health data to administer.  If your employer does not, you will not have a consent settings page. (This will automatically direct to your profile setting page if no consent settings page exist).  Even if you do not consent to sharing data with your employer, you will still have access to our program and the other rewards.

To allow for analysis of the population and product. From time to time, Vitality may complete special studies. Sometimes we do this for internal product research. For example, our product team was highly divided on what the first day of the week is – Sunday or Monday.  Sunday is the start of the calendar week in the United States, but we disagreed as to whether most people think of Sunday as the first day of their week when it comes to exercise. We surveyed our members and Monday won!

To learn more about Vitality’s privacy policies, visit the privacy policy link at the footer of

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Lori Serradas, inventor of the Vitality Squares game, spends her days studying the intersection of health and tech. 

Lauren Chana, General Counsel- maintains her argumentative savvy through continual & vocal support of the Packers and Badgers despite being a Chicago native.

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