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Whether you’re looking for a way to pass your free time that doesn’t involve scrolling through your phone, or you’re trying to figure out how to add some routine to your week, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing: “Workout Wednesdays” and “Vitality Kitchen.”

Workout Wednesdays

Studies show that in addition to providing physical benefits, physical activity releases a chemical in your brain that combats stress and boosts your mood. With stress levels at an all-time high across the country because of Covid-19, one of the best things you can do right now is work out. However, most gyms are closed. That’s why we’ve decided to bring the gym to you.

Every Wednesday at 9 a.m. CST, we’re hosting “Working out with Vitality” live in our Vitality Virtual Training Club. ” Join other members of our online community as Dr. Jonathan Dugas leads you through a 30-minute sweat session you can do in your living room, backyard or wherever you can find space. No equipment or sign-up is needed. Simply join the V.V.T.C. and team up with us on Wednesday mornings.

Vitality Kitchen

After you’ve worked out with us on Wednesdays, check us out on IGTV (@powerofvitality) at 12 p.m. CST on Thursdays for “Vitality Kitchen.” Every week we’re releasing new episodes on our Instagram feed to show you how to whip up a quick, easy and nutritious recipe in the kitchen.

Last week, Lianne Jacobs showed us how to create a sensational spinach muffin recipe. Tune in this week to see what she’s making.

We all may be stuck at home, but it doesn’t mean we have to feel stuck. Join us for either of these home ventures to add something new and exciting to your routine. We’re in this together.

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