Growing Number of Employers Offering Incentives to Improve Employee Health Through Vitality


The Vitality Group, part of the world’s first and largest incentive-based wellness program, has added several notable employers to its growing client roster in the U.S.

The latest companies committed to improving the health and well-being of their employees by offering the Vitality program include:

  • BCM Be Well Program at the Baylor College of Medicine
  • Billy Casper Golf
  • Omron Management Center of America, Inc
  • Shelter Mutual Insurance Company

“Having healthy employees is a priority for Hines,” said Ann Kirby, Assistant Benefits Manager at Hines. “Lifestyle-related diseases continue to increase across the United States. Vitality provides a fun alternative for employees and their families to make healthy choices.”

“Recent research shows that wellness programs are effective and the impact can have far reaching effects on an employers’ bottom line,” said Alan Pollard, CEO, The Vitality Group. “A comprehensive, incentive-based program is most effective in improving employee productivity, engagement and overall health.”

How Vitality Works

Members start with an online Health Risk Assessment that identifies relative risk factors for each member and provides them with their Vitality Age™. This is a scientifically calculated representation of their risk-adjusted or “true” age, allowing each member to easily understand how their current behaviors are impacting their health.

Each member is then presented with a Personal Pathway™, a recommended set of activities and goals to assist them in improving their health. Members can select from more than 30 health-related activities including exercising, achieving health goals such as losing weight or stopping smoking, receiving routine preventive care, such as a prostate exam or mammogram and participating in a health education program. Members are incentivized for their participation throughout the program and earn rewards.


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