Coping with Stress

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American’s increasingly stressed, here are coping strategies to help

A recent study from the American Psychological Association found that people are feeling increasingly anxious. Over 80% of Americans said inflation, the war in Ukraine, and global uncertainty are significant sources of stress.

While no one can eliminate stress entirely, there are things you can do to manage stressors and keep it from affecting your health. Consider incorporating these strategies into your daily life:

  • Express yourself. Many stressful situations arise from miscommunication. Set aside time to talk openly with others about things that bother you. Express your emotions rather than keeping them inside.
  • Be on time. Organize your time effectively. Plan a schedule with spare time in between and don’t plan too much for one day. When you set realistic goals, you avoid the panic of trying to beat the clock.
  • Learn to relax. There are many exercises that you can do to relax: deep breathing, muscle and mind relaxation, or just listening to relaxing music.
  • Eat sensibly. Stress causes your body to require more of certain nutrients. To get all the nutrients you need, eat a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breads and other grain products, milk, cheese, meats, poultry, fish and eggs.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise is a healthy and successful way to reduce the negative effects of stress.
  • Follow sensible drinking habits. You may be tempted to drink more alcoholic beverages during times of stress. Remember: Alcoholic beverages are high in calories and low in nutrients, and heavy drinking may lead to more serious complications.

If you still feel anxious and stressed after practicing selfcare, consider seeking treatment from a mental health professional. It’s critical to take mental health concerns seriously and the importance of engaging in prevention and treatment cannot be overstated.

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