Apple’’s Quiet Acquisition of Gliimpse

By Gillian Christie

It has emerged that Apple quietly acquired Gliimpse earlier this year. Founded in 2013, Gliimpse is a personal health data start-up with a digital platform that enables the collection, personalization, and sharing of images of an individual’s health data within the United States. The platform is based on an artificial intelligence engine with capabilities to read and standardize medical records that can subsequently be accessed by patients and their doctors. Gliimpse aims to standardize medical records in varying formats from different physicians.

Apple’s purchase of Gliimpse will continue to bolster the company’s digital health offering. Patent filings suggest that Apple may be creating a health wearable for use by healthcare providers. The acquisition of Gliimpse will add to its digital health portfolio, currently composed of ResearchKit, CareKit, and HealthKit. It is clear that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, believes that health and healthcare are ready for digital disruption.

Gliimpse’s focus on ensuring the confidentiality of medical records aligns well with Apple’s focus on maintaining the highest degree of privacy and security within its technology. It is clear that regulations introduced by the public sector must be complemented by private sector efforts to ensure its broad uptake and use. Vitality’s Guidelines for Personalized Health Technology are one example of a private sector effort to overcome emerging ethical, legal, and social concerns associated with health data from personalized health technologies. In the future, ensuring digital privacy and security will only become a more pressing issue, as consumers become increasingly vocal in their demands for transparency.

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Image source: Mac World

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