5 Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Room

May 10, 2021 Carly Heymann

You know that feeling of accomplishment after you’ve finally taken the time to “clean” your bedroom? Well, there’s more to it. Consistently having a clean bedroom has more benefits than you’d expect, especially for your mental health. Here are five reasons a clean room is good for the mind.

  1. You’ll experience instant gratification.

As time goes on, our taste changes and we tend to outgrow things that we previously collected or purchased. Although it can be hard to part ways with items you once loved, there is no benefit in keeping them around collecting dust. The instant gratification you will feel after you clear out items and clothing will provide positive energy and can improve your overall mental well-being. Set a reminder for every six months to assess what you do and don’t need. While you’re at it, consider donating rather than discarding the items. You’ll feel good about giving your items to those in need.

  1. You’ll get better quality sleep.

Studies have shown that having clean sheets and making your bed are associated with a better night’s sleep, the benefits of which can’t be oversold. Poor sleep has been linked to several mental health issues, such as increased depression, anxiety, risk for suicide and risk-taking behaviors. There are also benefits retiring in a clear and clean space, as waking up in an organized room can start your day on the right foot. On the other hand, if you hit your alarm clock’s snooze alarm one time too many and risk being late, having an organized room can save time as you are more likely to quickly grab the things you need from a tidy room.

  1. You’ll be more productive.

Clutter can lead to decreased focus, confusion and tension. Pro tip: It is less time consuming to spend a few minutes every day cleaning your room, throwing away trash, dusting, vacuuming, etc. than waiting until it becomes overwhelming. Living in an organized space can also help you keep your thoughts organized and systematic which will positively impact other aspects of your life.

  1. You’ll be less stressed.

Clutter and mess can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. A clean environment can help relieve and prevent unnecessary stress as you’ll feel in control and more relaxed when your environment is easy to navigate. This is especially true when you put things back in their places where they’ll be easy to find again (as oftentimes people feel frazzled and flustered when they are unable to find the things they need).

  1. You’ll improve your overall health and happiness.

Having a clean-living space positively impacts your mental and physical health. Spending a few minutes tidying up each day will make future cleaning easier and less time-consuming. The best part about not having to spend weekend hours cleaning? You’ll be able to spend more time doing things you want to do like trying new recipes, spending time with loves ones or getting in a quick workout.

Now that you know the benefits of a clean bedroom, what are you waiting for? We’re confident that once you start to reap the benefits of a clean room, you’ll be antsy to get started cleaning the rest of your house! (But that’s a conversation for another day.)

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