Accessibility Statement (

We aim to ensure our website is easily accessible for all individuals, including those with disabilities.

Main accessibility features

Our goal is to improve the user experience as those with disabilities navigate our site. These features include:


  • Keyboard navigation: All menus, buttons, and forms are accessible from the keyboard. Use the Tab key to navigate forward and Shift + Tab to navigate backward.


  • Headings: We have used clear headings to communicate the organization of the page’s content and help screen reader users navigate the page content.


  • Images: We have applied descriptive alt tags to images throughout the website. These alt tags are designed to assist visually impaired readers by providing descriptions of images for screen-reading tools.


  • Links: We have provided descriptive link names so users can easily understand their purpose.


  • Visual Design: Text on pages is designed to contrast sufficiently with the background color. All pages and content may be enlarged using standard browser controls.