Connecting employees to the right resources at the right time


Optimize your business's health and wellness investments.

Gateway is more than just a hub. It’s a program that offers you the flexibility to choose from our network of connected partners or integrate your existing initiatives into the Vitality program to connects your employees to powerful resources that will improve their lives.

Get connected

What's important to you

Employer-sponsored events

Third-party vendors

Vitality preferred partners

Whether it is health-and-wellness-related or a corporate initiative, Vitality can incorporate your investments into our program and maximize what’s important to you.

Drive engagement in home-grown activities, programs, and events

Integrate your existing third-party vendors

Best-in-class partners vetted by Vitality


Vitality identifies health risks and steers members to the right program that is most helpful to them.


Dynamic messaging promotes the relevant resources to the member to act on when ready.


Vitality motivates the member by offering incentives for participating in the resources that will most impact their health.


Members are then seamlessly connected to the benefit, removing any barriers to participation.

Gateway by the numbers

  • Vitality client adoption
  • More engagement in Healthcare Support activities by members with chronic conditions
  • Higher engagement for clients with Gateway

Start seeing real results with a program that works.

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