U.S. Preventive Medicine

U.S. Preventative Medicine is a leading provider of evidence-based prevention, early detection, and management health solutions that drive sustained behavior change and reduce your healthcare costs

U.S. Preventative Medicine makes healthy living easy and fun with a gamified approach — rewarding participants for building healthy habits.

USPM combines cutting-edge technology with wellness professionals’ live support to keep your workforce healthy, boost productivity, and maximize ROI.

  1. USPM offers a whole-person, personalized approach that combines the latest technology with support from health coaches, nurses, dietitians, and wellness specialists.
  2. Driving measurable health improvements through health interventions such as: lifestyle behavior change, chronic disease management, diabetes prevention, tobacco cessation
  3. The Care Team provides guidance and encouragement to help members achieve any health goal — from weight loss to improved management of a chronic condition.


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Human Expertise

USPM combines human expertise with innovative technology to provide unique member support.

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Unlimited Interactions

USPM members receive unlimited interactions with highly skilled, certified health coaches, dietitians, nurses, and specialists.

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Recognized by the CDC

USPM maintains the CDC’s Full Recognition status as a provider of the Diabetes Prevention Program; members who complete USPM’s one-year program lose an average of 7% of their bodyweight, cutting their risk of type 2 diabetes in half.

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