Exercise Therapy Made Simple

SimpleTherapy provides instant access to joint and muscle pain management programs.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) affects 1 in 2 US adults & is the #1 healthcare cost driver. The majority of MSK conditions can be managed with early intervention of exercise therapy which lowers the cost of care significantly. SimpleTherapy is exactly that, the 1st line defense against MSK. A holistic at-home program guides members to pain relief using evidence-based exercise therapy, health coaching, & sensorless technology to address MSK head to toe.

  1. Back & Joint Programs: Head-to-Toe MSK Programs across 18 body parts with hyper-personalized care plan that adjust to the members needs with unlimited access from the comfort of home.
  2. Injury Prevention Programs: Build occupational resilience while avoiding workers compensation injuries and introducing the benefits of exercise therapy early. Programs for job-types across your organization.
  3. Musculoskeletal Risk Assessment: To help predict absenteeism and disability along with providing specific individual risk scores to members undertaking the survey. MSK risk score is then used to guide members to participate in the program to better manage their MSK pain.

Key Differentiators Headline

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Holistic and inclusive approach to MSK

Only solution on the market taking a holistic and inclusive approach to MSK, addressing the entire continuum of care - Preventative, acute, chronic & post-surgical.

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Externally Validated Savings

Externally validated per-member savings of $4,795 for spine, $4,890 for shoulders, $3,751 for knees, and $2,938 for hips from Validation Institute and 3 large national payers.

Multifocal Care

Pain can be multifocal and, for many, cyclical. Thus, unlike any other solution currently on the market, SimpleTherapy provides its members with multiple episodes or care.

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