From personal training and office ergonomics to health coaching and advising, HealthFitness offers a wide range of health services designed to help engage and support users on their health journey (both in-person and online!) HealthFitness trainers are certified by a nationally accredited personal training organization, hold multiple specialty certifications, and are experts in helping you achieve your personal goals.

Personal Training and Office Ergonomics

  1. HealthFitness’ Personal Training program helps participants improve fitness, gain strength, increase energy, and correct mobility and postural imbalances. 
  2. HealthFitness ergonomic evaluators are experts at helping participants optimize their workstations to fit their unique needs.

Key Differentiators

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Personal Training

Paired with a Movement Health Questionnaire can help participants move smarter—having less pain, less fatigue, and faster recovery time.

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20 Years of Experience

HealthFitness has been delivering ergonomics services for more than 20 years, and all ergonomics evaluators are trained in and hold certifications in office ergonomics.

Flexible and Action-oriented Coaching

HealthFitness coaching staff adjusts their approach to guide participants towards positive outcomes based on their needs and goals. They are skilled at helping you build healthier routines.

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