Fitt Finder

FITT Finder is the world’s first fitness search and discovery engine.

For the first time ever, your employees have access to the entire world of fitness, from classic onsite fitness classes to virtual and outdoor meetup groups, events, free trials, and more!

Using FITT Finder’s advanced filters, your employees have the perfect tool to personalize their search and find what matches their needs.

  1. Search & filter to pinpoint what you’re looking for
  2. Explore the best and latest fitness deals
  3. Personalize your profile
  4. Fit your schedule
  5. No visit limits or extra steps


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Better allocation for incentive dollars

By understanding what works best for your population through analytics and pinpoint personalization.

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Unmatched access to every fitness experience in your location

Unmatched access to every fitness experience in your location or the location of your choice, including onsite and virtual classes, free activities, trials, events, marathons, continuous discounts, and more.

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Incomparable filter and personalization capacity

FITT Finder has created a seamless, simple, and fast fitness search experience unlike any other.

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