BrightDime is the highly innovative digital financial wellness solution designed to help employees reduce their financial stress and take control of their money.

BrightDime’s digital financial wellness solution relieves employees’ financial stress

Through personalized, expert financial coaching, automated money organizational tools, and easy-to-understand education, BrightDime simplifies employees’ financial lives

  1. Money organizational tools. Employees simplify their money decisions by tracking all of their actual financial data in one single place. 
  2. Personalized, expert coaching. Employees have unlimited access via in-app chat to BrightDime’s financial coaches. The coaches offer highly personalized advice to employees during these sessions.
  3. Easy-to-understand education. Employees can read articles and participate in webinars on money topics tailored to their interests.


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BrightDime is a holistic digital financial platform incorporating employees’ up-to-date, actual financial data in one single place (spending, budgets, financial goals, 401k/HSA accounts, student loans, mortgage, investments, credit cards, etc.). This focus on aggregating actual financial data drives real behavior change with employees.

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Personalized, expert financial coaching

Employees can have unlimited sessions with BrightDime’s caring, capable coaches via in-app chat. This concierge support perfectly complements the holistic platform.

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Completely independent business model

BrightDime is not aligned to a financial company and does not sell financial products as others do (i.e., tax programs, credit cards, mortgages, investments). This independence is critical in terms of building trust with employers and employees.

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