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In the first year on the Vitality program, MRI Software, a global organization offering business management software solutions to property management industries, hit over 90%  engagement! Yes, you read that correctly, 90% of MRI Software employees— including their remote staff—engaged with the Vitality wellness program. So how’d they do it?

Recently, Vitality spoke with Stephanie Sinko, Human Resources Generalist, and learned some of their engagement secrets.

Vitality: What made you pursue a wellness program?

Stephanie: We had our own wellness initiatives, but we were looking to get our employees more involved and were looking for something more substantial.  We wanted something software based since we are a software company and  our employees are used to completing tasks electronically. Vitality was one of the companies we were looking at that both offered an online program and would get employees more engaged  in wellness.

 Vitality: How did you initially get people on the program?

Stephanie: We tied it with our health insurance. People had to complete their Vitality Health Review and Vitality Check to receive the maximum employer funding within their health insurance coverage. This got them on to the website and engaged  in the program even if they weren’t initially interested in wellness.

Vitality: And since then, what creative approaches have you used to keep people engaged?

Stephanie: Over the course of the year, we’ve had many activities for employees to participate in both on and off site where employees could earn Vitality points. We made it easy with onsite flu shot and screenings. We also built a new onsite gym and created a file feed to Vitality so members’ workouts are automatically recorded when they swipe in and out. Additionally, we offered onsite fitness classes, a Biggest Loser weight loss program, and a Community Support Agriculture co-op for employees to participate in.

Vitality: Is leadership engaged?

Stephanie: Yes, the senior leaders have been involved. One of our senior leaders was in the Top 5 Vitality point earners for 2013! The CEO has been really good about reminding employees  of the Vitality initiatives in quarterly meetings and of all the new health initiatives that we have here at MRI.

Vitality: How has the program been a success?

Stephanie: Initially, we had employees say things like, “I don’t really care about Vitality, but now that I’m on the site and using it and have a Fitbit, I find I am really challenging myself!” Recently, one employee told me, “I would still want to have Vitality even if I had to leave MRI.” This tells me that employees are truly engaged and enjoy participating in the program. We have a group of commuters that purposely park in the furthest spot available to get extra steps. It’s been nice to see people care and cheer themselves and their co-workers on.

Vitality: What about your remote employees, how do you include them?

Stephanie: We set up recordings so that remote employees can still join in on the Wellness Seminars that we hold, and we offer gym membership reimbursements since they aren’t able to use our onsite gym. One of our departments is doing a Fitbit challenge and one of the members is an employee who works in Manhattan. He walks so much in New York that he has actually been one of the top steppers! He and his colleagues all have access to the online leaderboard and challenge each other that way. It’s been a great way for remote employees to engage and interact with each other.


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